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Heluo Institute brings insights to the business community to inspire action and innovations. We provide the principles, tools, tactics and strategies that allow business leaders to forge ahead with confidence and build scalable growth.

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河洛学院是由新加坡资深企业家、教授、教练与专业人士精心打造的机构,致力于为跨国企业、中小型企业和个人提供企业培训、咨询与商务汉语培训。我们的业务主要有三大范围: 经营哲学、创新经营、商务汉语。我们希望通过知识的传播、智慧的启迪、创新工具的辅助,增强企业家的领导信心,建立企业可持续的发展与可扩展的增长 


河洛来源  (文:许福吉博士)

河洛是河圖、 洛書的简称,是華夏文化的源頭。《易·繫辭上》說:”河出圖,洛出書,聖人則之。” 伏羲是人類文化始祖,根據河图、洛书畫成八卦,後來周文王又依據伏羲八卦,研究成文王八卦和六十四卦,並分別寫了卦辭,为《易经》哲学思想的来源。相传古伏羲时代,洛阳东北境内的黄河中浮游出龙马,背负着河图献给伏羲,伏羲依次演变成八卦,为《易经》来源。另外又相傳大禹時,洛陽西洛寧縣洛河中浮出神龜,背馱”洛書”,獻給大禹。大禹依此治水成功,遂劃天下為九州,依此定九章大法,治理社會,流傳下來收入《尚書.洪範》。

HELUO come from Two Books, the origin of Hetu ( 河图) and Luoshu (洛书). During the ancient Fuxi era (伏羲), Dragon Horse (龙马) floating on the Yellow River, carrying a “Hetu Map “ (河图)  to Fuxi. Fuxi turn evolved into Bagua ( 八卦) as “I Ching” (易经) source. In addition, Dragon Turtle floating on Luoyang River West piggyback “Lo book” (洛书) and dedicated to Dayu(大禹), Dayu used it to control the flood and draw the world into Jiuzhou (九州), settled nine chapters law (九章大法), used it to governance society.




Prior to founding HELUO Institute, Dr Koh was a founding director of Confucius Institute, Nanyang Technological University (CI-NTU) and an Associate Professor of School of Humanities and Social Sciences, NTU (1998-2013).

Under his leadership, Dr Koh played a significant role in enabling CI-NTU to be awarded the Most Advanced Confucius Institute in the World in 2010 and was honoured as the Most Outstanding Director of World Confucius Institute in 2011.

Dr Koh is a passionate educator with his research focused in Chinese Language and culture. He was an Education Officer and the member of Talent Advisory Panel for PA (2001-2011), MOE External Validation of Schools and Moderator of MOE Examination (1989-1992). Dr Koh was awarded Excellence in Teaching Commendation in 2006 from the National Institute of Education, NTU.


Besides his teaching and leadership capabilities, Dr Koh is also a brilliant Chinese writer with the following prestigious awards under his belt: Golden Literary Award (1995); Singapore Teacher’s Writing Award (1992) and Literary Prose Award (1991).

With his immense wealth of knowledge in the Chinese culture, language and pedagogy, Dr Koh is taking the learning of Chinese language to a new dimension by infusing new elements of multiple intelligence, character building and joy of learning into Business Chinese Language programme.

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