Innovation Circle 2018 April

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创新360交流会 创新360创办人/总裁麦乐彭克(Magnus Penker)莅临新加坡

2017年,河洛创办人千里迢迢到北欧著名创新城市瑞典首都斯德哥尔摩学习创新360国际认证课程Innovation 360,并出席了创新专业执业师颁奖典礼,正式评定为国际认证创新执业师。Innovation 360有一套完整的InnoSurvey™最佳工具,用于评估和衡量创新能力和绩效,全球6000多家公司在其数据库中选择基准。

麦乐彭克(Magnus Penker)是创新,数字化和业务转型方面的企业家、国际知名专家。他一直是国际论坛、国际商学院、协会和一些世界上最大的上市公司的发言人。他也是一个天使投资人、投资家,投资了10家初创公司,并收购,转售,在全欧洲销售了30多家中小企业公司。2015、2016年荣获瑞典最杰出企业家奖。在过去的8年中,他利用他的实践和理论见解来开发InnoSurvey™,这是领先的方法和全球创新数据库,用于分析和提供世界各地的公司,商业领袖和科学家的建议。




Mr Magnus Penker  ( CEO & President, Director-Level Consultant)


Magnus Penker is an entrepreneur and Internationally-renowned expert on innovation, digitization, and business transformation. He has been engaged as a speaker by Ducker Forum, international business schools, a variety of associations and some of the world’s largest companies (listed in the largest speaker agency in Europe). Additionally, he has also launched 10 startups as well as acquired, turned around, and sold over 30 SME companies all over Europe.

For the past 8 years, he has used his practical and theoretical insights to develop InnoSurvey™, the leading methodology and global innovation database used to analyze and provide advice to companies, business leaders, and scientists around the world. Today, Mr. Penker is the CEO and Founder of the Innovation360 Group, which is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Innovation360 Group Licensed Practitioners for Innosurvey presently consult in an ever-increasing number of countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Dubai, and Qatar. Through his best-selling American books on digitization and IT engineering (Business Modeling with UML and UML Toolkit) and his +20 years of experience as a management consultant and business leader, Mr. Penker inspires leaders to find a new way of thinking and organizing to stay on top.

Mr. Penker is driven by the recognition that in these turbulent times, we must understand what we are really good at and determine how we can use those skills and knowledge to create advantages in a globalized market with endless possibilities. The global map is being redrawn at speeds we have not seen before, and historically low interest rates are attracting capital to global digital-risk projects that will further strengthen this movement. In short, we must develop and elaborate our innovation capabilities while drawing power from revolutionary changes in the business environment. Many view Mr. Penker as Northern Europe’s Innovation Guru due to his extensive background and his combination of practical experience and entrepreneurship, deep theoretical knowledge, inspiring leadership, and orientation towards disruption, utilizing the most important asset: people and diversity. For example, while serving as a president for a company early in his career, he was named one of Sweden’s role models in making diversity a part of the organization. Under his leadership, companies he worked with were included on the list of Sweden’s best workplaces four times.


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